4482-2019 OPEN CALL

4482 (sasapari), a figure made from combining the international dialing codes of the UK (44) and South Korea (82), is the name adopted by a collective group of Korean Contemporary Artists. Since the group’s first exhibition in 2007, 8 successful exhibitions have taken place, presenting inspiring works by over 250 Korean artists who live and work in the UK.

Following its successful comeback in 2018 after a four-year gap and showcasing inspiring artworks by 54 artists, 4482 (sasapari) proposes to make another mark through its exhibition in March 2019 at OXO Bargehouse in London.

4482-2019; The Other Side of the Moon will showcase exciting artworks by around 40 UK-based Korean Contemporary artists as well as 3-5 specially selected artists who currently live and work in Korea and who are represented by our sponsor, the Soohoh Gallery in South Korea. It is also hoped to display the artworks of emerging British young artists to represent the collaborative concept between the UK (44) and South Korea (82).

Our world is filled with parallel matters whose values are often created by comparison and contradiction. Your fortune might be related to someone else’s misfortune. Wealth and poverty can co-exist within a society, yet the two are distant from each other. We often find comfort and/or despair within our own juxtaposed world. The other side of our world gets dismissed perhaps too often by ourselves, like the flip side of the coin and the darker side of the Moon. 4482-2019; The Other Side of the Moon invites artists with both Korean and UK connections to investigate such contradictions and juxtapositions, the familiar and/or alien aspects of our world through their thought-provoking artworks.

The exhibition hopes to reach the attention and the interest of the public, irrespective of background or culture, and hopes to encourage a multiplicity of conversations and interactions.

The exhibition aims to achieve several outcomes:
  • To provide a comparative model for current artistic practices, in the hope of fostering conversations with other contemporary artists in the UK not only for the duration of the exhibition but to continue in the future; 4482 aims to be a part of today’s transnational art network in one of the most important art hubs in the world.
  • To be a platform for an entanglement between artists and the public; encouraging interaction and participation to continuously extend the artistic network of ideas, thoughts and conversation.
  • To introduce celebrated Korean artists and their works to the UK and Europe and to an international audience by providing an exhibition opportunity in central London.
  • To develop 4482 as a recognised artists’ collective and reputable art award
The Other side of the Moon

* Who can apply *

Artists with any connection with both Korea and the U.K.

* Awards *

  • 1 artist will be selected for the Soohoh Award, a solo show in South Korea at the Soohoh Gallery that will run for a period of 2-4 weeks.
  • 5 artists will be selected for the 4482 Award in conjunction with Itta Space, a group show in South Korea to take place in October 2019.
  • 1 artist will be selected by the public for the People’s Choice Award. Prize TBC

  • * Application Deadline: 31st December 2018
  • * Application fee: £50 (artists are able to submit up to three works, out of which, is successful, up to three works will be selected for the exhibition)
  • * Participation fee once selected: £140

To apply: Please fill the electronic form in the below link.

  • CV
  • A professional image of yourself
  • Portfolio to show 5-10 recent works
  • High resolution images of up to three works of art you wish to exhibit in our exhibition.
  • Captions for each piece
  • An artist statement describing your work and connections to Korea and the U.K. (max. 200 words)

*Please note that all of the above are compulsory for the application, and once submitted details will not be available to change at a later date.

For any questions please email: enquiry@4482.co.uk / curating@4482.co.uk